Sponsoring a parrot on an annual basis is an excellent way to connect to the lives of our resident parrots and to support our work. Many of our birds are rescues that do not come with funding for their care. Existing funds do not begin to offset the costs of providing the necessary care that these birds will need for decades. Sponsoring one or more of our parrots not only benefits them, it benefits you too! Your sponsorship provides the resources necessary to give a parrot the best life possible. And you will have a feathered friend for life!

Budgies- Parakeets

We have lots of Budgies looking for a sponsor! Most of our little flock prefer the company of others of their own kind where they can flock, fly, forage and find friends. You can sponsor one of our Budgies/Parakeets for 10.00 a month or 120.00 per year!


We have several Cockatiels that live in the small bird aviary. They enjoy hanging out with each other, and taking a bath in our custom stream in the outdoor aviary. You can sponsor one of our Cockatiels for 15.00 per month or 180.00 per year.

Small Conures

Our small conures love making friends! They prefer the company of each other rather than human companionship and that’s fine by us! Pictured here are Marley ( Green Cheek Conure) and Milly ( Crimson Bellied Conure) You can sponsor one of our small conures for 20.00 a month or 240.00 per year.

Conures - Ringnecks

Watching friendships blossom in our other small bird aviary always brings us such joy! Even when they are different species! Pictured here are Tiki ( African Ringneck) and Dawn ( Peach front conure) You can sponsor one of our conures or ringnecks for 25.00 a month or 300.00 per year.


Britches needs a sponsor!! Most of you know Britches is one of EAST’s spoke’s birds! He has been with us a while, but is in need of a sponsor! Who will be the lucky one to sponsor our little famous guy? 🙂 25.00 per month or 300.00 per year!

Stumpy - Congo African Grey

Stumpy is (approx) 32 year old CAG. He is missing half of all his toes on both feet and half of one wing, but he doesn’t know he is handicapped! This happened to him by his parents when he was very young so he has always been this way. You can sponsor Stumpy for 45.00 per month or 540.00 per year.

Rico - Yellow Naped Amazon

Rico is an approx 45 year old YNA. He has had a multitude of health issues including being diabetic and having Atherosclerosis which he is being treated for and is doing fabulous! He stays up at the house with any other birds that need a litle extra TLC. You can sponsor Rico for 45.00 per month or 540.00 per year.

Mae Mae- Male Moluccan Cockatoo

Mango ( Mae Mae) is a 32 PLUS year old wild caught male moluccan cockatoo. He has an open band and was purchased by his previous people at a bird fair when they were afraid of where he might end up. He wants nothing to do with humans, but he sometimes will gently take a nut from your hand once he gets to know you, then run away as fast as he can. His best friend is a male umbrella cockatoo named Bit Bit. You can sponsor Mae Mae for 65.00 a month or 780.00 per year.

Bit Bit - Male Umbrella Cockatoo

Bit Bit is a typical male umbrella. His mood can sway from good to bad in about 2 seconds. We always have to watch out for this guy and read his body language the best we can. His best friend is Mae Mae and they enjoying hanging out, preening each other and foraging in a big box together. You can sponsor Bit for 60.00 a month or 720.00 per year.

Pretti Boy - Blue and Gold Macaw

Pretti Boy ( presumed male) came to us out of EAST TN when we got a call from the Sheriffs Dept saying that they had come across several birds living in deplorable conditions. We acted immediately and got the birds here to EAST, settled, and vetted. Some were in really bad shape. Pretti was one of the most scared Macaws I have every laid my eyes on. He screamed in terror even if you looked at him. He has come such a long way in the two years he has been here, but still a shy guy. Loves most females. We have no history, so age is unknown. He is happy in the aviary living with some of our other Macaws. You can sponsor Pretti for 65.00 a month, or 780.00 a year.

Ricki - Female Blue and Gold Macaw

Ricki is a 16 year old Blue and Gold Macaw. She has what is called scissor beak, which means her beak does not grow together properly. It needs to be trimmed every 6 weeks so that she can continue to eat properly. Ricki loves to wave and is shy, but adorable. Scissor beak is sometimes caused by improper hand feeding when the bird is very young. You can sponsor Ricki for 65.00 a month, or 780.00 a year.

Angel - Orange Winged Amazon

Angel is a 45 year old OWA. She is very shy, but is living out her retirement years here at the sanctuary with her BFF Dexter (LSC2). She never lets him out of her sight and will protect him with her life. Even though different species, they are adorable together. You can sponsor Angel for 45.00 a month, or 540.00 per year.

Dexter - Male Lessor Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

This is Dexter a 25 year old LSC2. His previous person, who had him his whole life, passed away in front of him. It took a while for him to come around, but now he is a little spitfire. He best girl in the whole world is Angel, an Orange Winged Amazon. They are always hanging out together in the aviary side by side <3 You can sponsor Dexter for 45.00 a month or 540.00 per year.

Andy - Male Moluccan Cockatoo

Andy is a 40 year old Male Moluccan. Although he was probably once very loved, in the years prior to coming to EAST he has a rough go of it. He was neglected when his people passed away then sold to a breeder. When he would not breed, they were just looking to get rid of him. Luckily one of my rescue friends found out and we got him out of there. He is super shy and not really hand on, but is also super sweet. He lives in the cockatoo aviary with some of his other friends ( including my guy, Tori!)

Andy is sponsored by Sue Barber!! Thank you Sue!! xoxo

Sammie - Female Blue and Gold

Sammie is a 10 year old Blue and Gold Macaw. She is super high strung and will bite her foot and yell when she is uncomfortable or nervous. It took a while, but she has warmed up ( to me). Her eyes color did not develop like most Macaws do as they age, so most think she is still very young. You can sponsor Sammie for 65.00 a month or 780.00 per year.

Chuchi - Female Bare eyed Cockatoo

Chuchi is a 22 year old Bare Eyed Cockatoo ( or Little Corella). She makes a beep beep sound that sounds like the road runner 🙂 . She either loves you or hates you and is a typical small cockatoo full of energy! You can sponsor Chuchi for 45.00 a month, or 540.00 per year.

Heidi - Female Scarlet Macaw

Heidi is a Scarlet Macaw most likely in her late teens. Her owner passed away unexpectedly so we are unsure of her exact age. She is bonded with Maui, a female Blue and Gold. They are ALWAYS together in the Macaw aviary. You can sponsor Heidi for 65.00 a month or 780.00 per year.

Maui - Female Blue and Gold

Maui is a female Blue and Gold Macaw in her 20’s. Her owner passed away unexpectedly so we are unsure of her exact age. She is super bonded with her BFF Heidi. Maui flirts with every man that happens to pass her way 😉 You can sponsor Maui for 65.00 a month or 780.00 a year.

Sammy - Male Moluccan Cockatoo

Sammy is a 23 year old Male Moluccan. He is a typical cockatoo. SUPER loud, can be a toe chaser, LOVES his chop and fresh foods and ADORES his sponsor and volunteer Katie. She realizes she is not set up to have him live at her house, so she comes at least 4 times a week to visit him and volunteer. He looks forward to her visit every time!!! They have an amazing relationship.

Thank you Katie and Deborah for sponsoring Sammy <3

Lucy - Congo African Grey

Lucy is a 20 year old CAG. Not sure about her sex, I would guess male, but still call her Lucy :). She is not hand tame and prefers the company of other Grey’s, particularly Rocko. She loves to give you the stink eye! You can sponsor Lucy for 45.00 per month or 540.00 per year.