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EAST is dedicated to the safety, care, health, and quality of life of captive parrots whose guardians are no longer able to care for them. We work with families and individuals with the goal of keeping parrot(s) and guardian(s) together whenever possible.


Parrots are difficult to care for, and they don’t adapt as well to life changes as do dogs or cats. Add this to the length of time a parrot can live, and you have the answer to “Why do parrots need rescuing?”

EAST is frequently contacted to help with parrot rescues. Reasons range from extreme neglect or abuse to birds whose human companion has died and has not established a will or plan for their pet. We help as many of these parrots as we can, starting with a complete health exam by our avian veterinarian, Dr. Brandon Dixon. If there are health issues, we work with the bird to restore its health. In tandem, we work with the bird’s emotional issues. Abused birds may have issues similar to PTSD, and those who were abandoned simply don’t understand why they have been moved to a different life. But here at EAST, they get a second chance at a good life. These highly social animals thrive in each other’s presence, can find kindness, love, quality care and a community and begin building their trust again. Some are eventually suitable for adoption, but others remain part of our flock for their lifetime.

None of these rescues come with funding for their care. EAST relies on your donations to provide the resources necessary to give these birds the best life possible.

Donate to Rescue Fund

New parrots are arriving every week through rescue or relinquishment. They need our help and care, but they also need financial help. By sponsoring of one of these sweet birds you can really make a positive difference in its life, while supporting our mission to provide a safe haven for birds to live out their lives in a happy and healthy environment.

Sponsoring a parrot on an annual basis is an excellent way to connect to the lives of our resident parrots and to support our work. Many of our birds are rescues that do not come with funding for their care. Existing funds do not begin to offset the costs of providing the necessary care that these birds will need for decades. Sponsoring one or more of our parrots not only benefits them, it benefits you too!

To view some of our residents that would love to have YOU be their sponsor and special friend, click the link below.

Sponsor A Bird


We appreciate your interest in parrot adoption. There are thousands of parrots waiting in rescue facilities nationally for committed, compassionate adoptive homes.

Our adoption process is very structured and will include a visit to your home as well as reference checks. An interview, a visit to your home, and several visits with your chosen friend will be required. This gives us the opportunity to assess the prospective adoptive family’s ability to provide patience, quality care, stability, and love.

Parrot Adoption Information


Having to surrender your feathered companion is a difficult decision to make. We understand that due to life’s circumstances, there is sometimes no other alternative. We will be here to make this transition as easy as possible for you.

We understand there are many circumstances that impact one’s ability to continue to care for a parrot. We are prepared to provide counseling, evaluation, adoption, and placement. Every week we receive calls from people who, for many reasons, are unable to keep their bird.

Learn more about Surrending

Lifetime Care

This program is for your bird who needs a forever home in the immediate, or near future, and is either not adoptable or fosterable, or you do not wish to have your bird adopted or fostered. The Lifetime Care program requires you to financially support your bird here at the sanctuary for the remainder of its life.

Finding the right forever home for your feathered companion can be difficult. We understand that sometimes due to life’s circumstances, there is no other alternative. We at EAST are here to help you make the best possible decision for your bird’s future. The first step to consider in placing your bird with Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee is scheduling a visit here to make sure this is where you would like your bird to live his or her life out among other birds of its kind in free flight aviaries or in a special needs area. These programs are not for everyone or every bird, so it is important to conduct an interview prior to making such arrangements.

Lifetime Care Information

Happy Endings

These are some of our EAST rescues or surrenders who have found new homes, families, and a new life. We, and these feathered babies, are grateful to these wonderful people who have given them love, and a second chance.