Parrots are difficult to care for, and they don’t adapt as well to life changes as do dogs or cats. Add this to the length of time a parrot can live, and you have the answer to “Why do parrots need rescuing?”

EAST is frequently contacted to help with parrot rescues. Reasons range from extreme neglect or abuse to birds whose human companion has died and has not established a will or plan for their pet. We help as many of these parrots as we can, starting with a complete health exam by our avian veterinarian, Dr. Brandon Dixon. If there are health issues, we work with the bird to restore its health. In tandem, we work with the bird’s emotional issues. Abused birds may have issues similar to PTSD, and those who were abandoned simply don’t understand why they have been moved to a different life. But here at EAST, they get a second chance at a good life. These highly social animals thrive in each other’s presence, can find kindness, love, quality care and a community and begin building their trust again. Some are eventually suitable for adoption, but others remain part of our flock for their lifetime.

None of these rescues come with funding for their care. EAST relies on your donations to provide the resources necessary to give these birds the best life possible.

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New parrots are arriving every week through rescue or relinquishment. They need our help and care, but they also need financial help. By sponsoring of one of these sweet birds you can really make a positive difference in its life, while supporting our mission to provide a safe haven for birds to live out their lives in a happy and healthy environment.

Sponsoring a parrot on an annual basis is an excellent way to connect to the lives of our resident parrots and to support our work. Many of our birds are rescues that do not come with funding for their care. Existing funds do not begin to offset the costs of providing the necessary care that these birds will need for decades. Sponsoring one or more of our parrots not only benefits them, it benefits you too! Your sponsorship provides the resources necessary to give a parrot the best life possible. And you will have a feathered friend for life! Plus, all donations are tax deductible. We will send you a photo and history of your sponsored parrot and photo updates from time to time. Plus, if you are in our area, please make an appointment to come by and meet your parrot—in “person.”

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We appreciate your interest in parrot adoption. There are thousands of parrots waiting in rescue facilities nationally for committed, compassionate adoptive homes.

Our adoption process is very structured and will include a visit to your home as well as reference checks. An interview, a visit to your home, and several visits with your chosen friend will be required. This gives us the opportunity to assess the prospective adoptive family’s ability to provide patience, quality care, stability, and love.

We do not publicly post our birds available for adoption because we find it is easy to become fixated on one bird or species. By allowing us to help match you with a selection of birds based on your application, lifestyle, home visit, and goals, the odds of finding a true match are much higher. We are currently limited to adopting birds within a 2-hour radius of Nashville, TN. (There may be exceptions under certain circumstances.)

We are committed to finding the right home for each and every bird, and to providing you with the support and information necessary to create the best match possible. Our goal with each placement is to find the very best home for every bird that comes to us, and that is why you are asked to provide the information in this application.

When you complete this form and send it back to us, we will begin working together to discover which parrots and guardians make the best match. Please consider the questions on this application carefully. When the process is complete, we want what’s best for the parrot and your family, and the information you provide is crucial to our mutual success.

Please review the following information carefully before you complete and return the adoption application.

The adoption process may appear lengthy, but it is nothing compared to the challenges of living with a parrot. If you do not have the patience to go through the adoption process, consider whether the requirements of parrot caretaking are for you. Living with a parrot may be one of the most challenging and rewarding experiences of your life, but parrots demand patience and dedication from their guardians.

Steps of the Adoption Process:

Please Note: For all birds, THERE IS AN ADOPTION FEE. This includes, and may not be limited to, the cost of medical care and treatment. Upon intake, all of our parrots have a blood chemistry and panel test, fecal testing, and over-all wellness exam performed. Many of our birds may have additional tests for diseases or other procedures, depending on their environment prior to relinquishment. Vet costs vary with birds depending on their general health and basic condition. If we did not have fees, we could not sustain our adoption program.

Though many parrots come with cages, some do not. You may be required to purchase a sturdy, good-quality cage. We believe that all parrots deserve the largest cage possible. Parrots should only be housed in environments that give them lots of room for flapping and foraging; room for a wide variety of perches (cloth, wood, rope, etc); multiple feed dishes to encourage activity and natural foraging instincts; bar spacing that is an appropriate size; and they should receive plenty of time outside the cage.

Please start by downloading and filling out the Adoption Application.

Why Would Anyone Want to Rescue a Parrot?

Author: Anne Feldhacker

Parrots are not pets. It is not mutually beneficial for parrots to live with us. Parrots are more intelligent and more empathetic than we, as humans, have even begun to understand. Parrots deserve to live their lives with their families, in the rain-soaked jungles, dense forests and fog-shrouded mountains of the world. Unfortunately, as usually happens when human beings get involved, millions of parrots worldwide will never have the chance to live with their own families in their natural habitat. If you have never actually lived with a parrot and worked to understand its motivations, fears, unending memory, sense of humor and sense of loyalty, this concept of parrots ‘not being pets’ may sound like a hysterical response to a nonexistent problem.

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Having to surrender your feathered companion is a difficult decision to make. We understand that due to life’s circumstances, there is sometimes no other alternative. We will be here to make this transition as easy as possible for you.

We understand there are many circumstances that impact one’s ability to continue to care for a parrot. We are prepared to provide counseling, evaluation, adoption, and placement. Every week we receive calls from people who, for many reasons, are unable to keep their bird.

Surrendering your exotic pet bird to a rescue can be a very painful, stressful, and difficult choice. However if you’ve come to the conclusion that surrendering is the best choice for you and your bird, we are here to help.

We work with families and/or individuals through education, to try and keep parrot(s) and guardian(s) together. In those circumstances where that is simply not possible, we will provide a safe haven for those birds until good adoptive homes can be found. It is also possible to ensure that your companion parrot always has a home at EAST, through our Lifetime Care program (see below).

Surrender Form

For Parrot’s Sake, Let’s Change Our Language

Article from Phoenix Landing

Most parrots will need a succession of good homes. Most birds will be adopted at some point in their lives, perhaps several times, in fact. We are often reluctant to admit this because it makes us feel guilty about our ability to care for them “forever.” However, if we start by acknowledging this truth, then birds will surely have a better opportunity for long and healthy lives.

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Lifetime Care

This program is for your bird who needs a forever home in the immediate, or near future, and is either not adoptable or fosterable, or you do not wish to have your bird adopted or fostered. The Lifetime Care program requires you to financially support your bird here at the sanctuary for the remainder of its life.

Finding the right forever home for your feathered companion can be difficult. We understand that sometimes due to life’s circumstances, there is no other alternative. We at EAST are here to help you make the best possible decision for your bird’s future. The first step to consider in placing your bird with Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee is scheduling a visit here to make sure this is where you would like your bird to live his or her life out among other birds of its kind in free flight aviaries or in a special needs area. These programs are not for everyone or every bird, so it is important to conduct an interview prior to making such arrangements.

The Lifetime Care program is for your bird who needs a forever home in the immediate, or near future, and is either not adoptable or fosterable, or you do not wish to have your bird adopted or fostered. The Lifetime Care program requires you to financially support your bird here at the sanctuary for the remainder of its life.

Guidelines and Policies

Fee Structure
Lifetime Care Application

Sometimes, there are unforeseen events in your life that require you to find a new home for your beloved companion parrot. It may be extreme health issues, or a necessary move to assisted living accommodations or other home that does not allow pets, or job responsibilities that keep you away from your bird a great deal of time. There are many reasons that result in the inability to care for your bird. This program is for your bird who needs a forever home in the immediate, or near future, and is either not adoptable or fosterable, or you do not wish to have your bird adopted or fostered. Our Lifetime of Care program at EAST can help.

In planning for the care of your parrot, the first and most important question is who will be trusted to adequately care for him or her. The key attributes here are willingness, trust, and ability. Ideally, there is someone in your immediate family, or a close friend or neighbor, who not only loves your parrot, but also understands the depth of responsibility involved. But this may not necessarily be the case. The choice should be governed by common sense and concern for your parrot. For example, you should not feel compelled to give your parrot to a relative or close friend who “really loves” your parrot, but who has never owned a parrot or has a household that is likely to be inhospitable (e.g., cat(s) and/or dog(s). If there is no one that you trust to care for your parrot, you may consider a charitable organization that would be willing and able to care for your parrot the best option. At EAST, our staff and volunteers know and love parrots and are trained to care for them properly.

EAST has many requests for birds to live as permanent residents at the Sanctuary. Acceptance of a bird depends on available resources such as space and funding. All requests are reviewed and considered; however, submission of a request does not guarantee acceptance. If we are able to accept your bird as a resident at the Sanctuary, we will contact you within 2 weeks of submitting the request. Decisions are made by Staff and/or Board Members of the Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee, Inc. and are based on how well we feel your bird will integrate and thrive in our environment.

Our Lifetime of Care program requires you to financially support your bird here at the Sanctuary for the remainder of his or her life. You will be required to provide funding either annually or monthly. The fees are based on the life expectancy of your bird (see Fee Structure), and cover its needs for its lifetime: aviary space, quality food, veterinary care, and enrichment. A signed and notarized contract is required to ensure that you continue to support your bird here on an annual or monthly basis for the remainder of your bird’s life. You may choose a one-time lump sum donation based on life expectancy of your bird, but we realize this is not financially possible for most people.

To begin the application process, you must fill out the Lifetime Care Application in its entirety and email it, along with at least two photographs of your bird, to to be considered. Photographs must be clear with good lighting, and show your bird and your bird’s current environment. The more detailed information you can provide us, the better it will help us to make a decision. If you have questions, feel free to contact us. Keep in mind, we are a working sanctuary and it may take a little while for us to get back to you.

Thank you for your consideration to entrust us with your bird(s).

Happy Endings

These are some of our EAST rescues or surrenders who have found new homes, families, and a new life. We, and these feathered babies, are grateful to these wonderful people who have given them love, and a second chance.