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EAST is a small 501c3 non-profit organization, dedicated to the safety and care of parrots and other exotic birds. Financial gifts are necessary to the survival and success of a non-profit organization. Financial gifts are the most common type of donation, but all kinds of donations are needed and appreciated. There are many ways to support a non-profit that you care about. The options below will show you other meaningful ways you can donate to EAST.

Partner with EAST

A Corporate or Business Sponsorship benefits both your company and our mission. Your company’s sponsorship is recognized by EAST with an acknowledgment in our advertising, website and signage that your business supports our activities, programs, or special events.

Additionally, corporate sponsorships attract the attention of for-profit businesses because sponsorships offer public recognition of the business’s connection with a certain charitable cause, which may help your business attract new customers or bolster your company’s reputation because of the association with a nonprofit’s good will. EAST, as a charitable nonprofit, in turn, receives financial support and may also experience increased attention from the media and the public, in-kind services, and/or product donations.

We would love to have your company partner with us! For inquiries please email

Planned Giving Wills | Trusts | Financial Account Beneficiary

If you have a favorite cause that is important to you, you can leave a positive legacy and make a real difference to that cause by Planned Giving. You may leave funding for a non-profit that is meaningful to you through your Will, a Trust, or through various Financial Accounts, such as life insurance or an IRA account. If you wish, you may also specify a specific area to which your gift would apply. Your legacy is making an investment in our success!

Learn more about Planned Giving

In-Kind Donations

We welcome gifts of building materials, gardening and grounds maintenance supplies and equipment, tree saplings we can plant, greenhouse materials, an order of our pellets or nuts in shell, clean, safe carry cages…anything that would be useful to a bird sanctuary. Your donation of goods is tax-deductible.

Also, if you have a skill or area of expertise you can share with EAST such as electrical work, plumbing, building, architecture, design, event planning—all kinds of professions—are all much needed skills if you can spare a weekend to help out. Your time is not tax-deductible, but we have loads of fun working together on projects at EAST, and the parrots are always entertaining!

Everyday Expenses

From quality pellets, fresh foods, toys and aviary repairs to utilities, accounting, office supplies, insurances, internet and phone service to keeping our propane tank filled…your donation helps with all the daily nuts and bolts of running an animal sanctuary.

Emergency Rescue Fund

Sadly, EAST is contacted all too often to help with parrots in dire situations. These parrots do not have an advocate, or anyone to fund their care or rehabilitation. They are literally at the mercy of whomever they end up with. They are found existing in horrible conditions, malnourished, sick, and sometimes found in homes where their owner has died and has left no plan or funding for their birds’ future. We at EAST do everything in our power to help these birds who have no hope, but we need your help to be as effective as we can be. Emergency rescue entails getting to the location with cages, experienced people, with overnight trips sometimes necessary. It very often entails a series of medical treatments, and in every case, a full medical checkup and quarantine to make sure it has no communicable illness before it can join our flock. Your gift for Emergency Rescue literally makes you an angel to one of these birds in need.

Veterinarian Care

Our birds are family. We do everything possible to help our birds if they become sick or injured. This isn’t often, thank goodness, but with the quantity of birds in our flock, one or two are usually in need of special care at any given time. We are fortunate to have Dr. Brandon Dixon of Volunteer Vet Clinic as an Honorary Director & Advisor, and he and his team are our first line of defense. If the problem is rare, or very specialized, our birds are referred to UT Veterinary Medical Center in Knoxville, where they specialize in exotic animals. Though both Dr. Dixon and UT give us generous discounts on vet visits and treatments, it still adds up and is expensive.

We depend on your donations to help Bogey, one of our cockatoos, who has a prolapse issue. You help Rico, an African Gray who has degenerative disease in one of his legs, and we are fighting to not have to amputate it. You help buy medication for Nyah, one of our Amazons, who is losing her eyesight. And, you help Rico, our 42 year old Yellow Naped Amazon who is diabetic and requires daily medication. These are just a few examples of our flock in which your gift makes all the difference in these parrots’ lives.

Wish List

Naturally, as most other animal non-profits, we wish for all kinds of things that we need on an on-going basis. Please check our DONATE PAGE. But we also have really big wishes! We are planning all kinds of flight aviaries for our birds, and are looking for donors and/or sponsors to help build these aviaries. They are expensive, but they will be able to house up to 2 dozen feathered residents, they will be temperature controlled, have lots of natural light, water features, plenty of flying space and they will be built to last. If you would like to sponsor one of these aviaries please contact us at

Current Fundraising Campaign

Contribute to our current campaign! They are always different, always fun, and always for much-needed support for our feathered residents. From toys to new aviaries, we have fundraisers about four times annually, often with matching funds from one of our supporters. CLICK HERE to see what we are doing now!

Other ways to help EAST

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