EAST is dedicated to providing resources to assist families and individuals in the Nashville and Middle Tennesee area with a focus on Education, Conservation, Estate Planning, and connecting those in need with specialized wild bird rehabilitation facilities, and Avian Veterinarians.


With millions of parrots produced by the pet trade each year, the population of captive birds continues to grow. This excessive breeding of parrots has become a heartbreaking tragedy. With life spans of up to 80 years, parrots have a built-in homeless factor which means almost every long-lived parrot will outlive its original guardian. None can be released to the wild because they do not have the skills to survive. Parrots are also difficult to care for, but because they are flock animals, they require a lot of time and attention. Add these factors to the length of time a parrot can live, and you have the answer to “Why do parrots need rescuing?”

Educational Resources & Opportunities


We support and teach the importance of environmental and habitat conservancy for parrots’ quality of life and survival. Our efforts to protect parrots in captivity in the U.S. are enhanced by the opportunity to help protect the freedom of those that remain in the wild.

Conservation Resources & Info

Estate Planning For Your Parrot

This program is for your bird’s future, ensuring a place for him or her upon your death. It requires you to plan for the financial support of your bird here at the sanctuary, through your Will, for the remainder of its life.

Because of the long life span of parrots, many of us will not outlive our beloved feathered companions. Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee, Inc. is contacted by many people working on Estate Plans who wish to leave their parrot to EAST when they die, and need guidelines to provide financial support for their bird(s) in their Will.

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Wild Bird Emergency Contacts

EAST is a facility for parrots only. We cannot take in wild birds. Have you found an injured wild bird or other injured wild animal? Please click the link below for Middle Tennessee Wildlife Rehabilitation Facilities

Emergency Contacts

Avian Vets in Middle Tennessee (Nashville area)

EAST works with Veterinarians who specialize in caring for Birds such as parrots. Please click the link below for Avian Vets in the Middle Tennesee and Nashville Area

Avian Vets in Nashville Area

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