Having to surrender your feathered companion is a difficult decision to make. We understand that due to life’s circumstances, there is sometimes no other alternative. We will be here to make this transition as easy as possible for you.

We understand there are many circumstances that impact one’s ability to continue to care for a parrot. We are prepared to provide counseling, evaluation, adoption, and placement. Every week we receive calls from people who, for many reasons, are unable to keep their bird.

Surrendering your exotic pet bird to a rescue can be a very painful, stressful, and difficult choice. However if you’ve come to the conclusion that surrendering is the best choice for you and your bird, we are here to help.

We work with families and/or individuals through education, to try and keep parrot(s) and guardian(s) together. In those circumstances where that is simply not possible, we will provide a safe haven for those birds until good adoptive homes can be found. It is also possible to ensure that your companion parrot always has a home at EAST, through our Lifetime Care program (see below).

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For Parrot’s Sake, Let’s Change Our Language

Article from Phoenix Landing

Most parrots will need a succession of good homes. Most birds will be adopted at some point in their lives, perhaps several times, in fact. We are often reluctant to admit this because it makes us feel guilty about our ability to care for them “forever.” However, if we start by acknowledging this truth, then birds will surely have a better opportunity for long and healthy lives.

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Happy Endings

These are some of our EAST rescues or surrenders who have found new homes, families, and a new life. We, and these feathered babies, are grateful to these wonderful people who have given them love, and a second chance.