Who we are

EAST is a 501c3 non profit organization, dedicated to the safety, care, health and quality of life of captive parrots whose guardians are no longer able to care for them. Our sanctuary is located just outside Nashville, Tennessee, on five beautiful acres of fields with lots of trees and nature.

Education. Through education, we work with families and individuals with the goal of keeping parrot(s) and guardian(s) together whenever possible. We encourage people who would like to be a parrot companion to “adopt, don’t shop” and encourage preparing for one’s parrot’s future in the event their parrot outlives them. EAST opposes perpetuating the pet trade through captive breeding, but supports legitimate conservation efforts to reintroduce threatened parrot species into their native environments.

Rescue. We work with Animal Services to provide experienced rescue, medical help and a safe haven for parrots in situations where they are abused, neglected or unwanted.

Adoption. Many relinquished parrots were loved by, and loved, their human families. In these cases, we do our best to find and match them with good homes and loving families through adoption.

Sanctuary. Parrots who are not adoptable become permanent residents at our sanctuary, and are provided lifetime care through funding such as sponsorship or donations.


Our purpose is to provide a safe haven and optimal care for parrots through adoption or lifetime care.


We at EAST have solid plans in place so that our sanctuary will operate sustainably into perpetuity. Our flock will never need to worry about leaving their home or the caregivers they have and will come to love and depend upon. And you have the assurance that your legacy through gifts to our sanctuary will continue to champion the plight of parrots through rescue and conservation efforts.

Meet Our Board