Happenings at East

October 26-28, 2019

Parrots Conservation Alliance

For the first time, parrot sanctuaries/rescues/wildlife centers across the Americas will come together in Nashville, TN with an urgent mission to aid parrots in native ranges confronting habitat loss, poaching and threatened extinction, as well as the non-releasable captive parrots facing an overpopulation crisis and widespread substandard care in isolation. The theme is “Uniting for Parrots in Peril” focusing on how each of our organizations can increase donations, capacity, and sustainability, learn more effectively from each other, and create new avenues for working together on behalf of all parrots.

Past Events


January 27, 2020

Cocktails For Cockatoos

Join This Fundraiser

A Happy Hour Winter Fundraiser for Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee (EAST)

It’s the middle of winter, but we’re thinking tropical! Parrots, prizes, cocktails and loads of fun to beat the January chill—AND benefit our local parrot rescue and sanctuary, EAST at the same time! Nick Pellegrino and the gang at Mangia are generously hosting our event and will donate 30% of all proceeds to EAST. Enjoy Nick’s delicious handmade Italian food and fabulous parrot-themed custom cocktails such as the Cockatiel-Cockatail, Polly Wants A Prosecco, the Macaw Martini, the Parrot-dise, the Flock-tail and the Moluccan Mocktail, all while supporting this great non-profit that rescues and provides sanctuary to captive parrots. So bring your friends and drink up! It’s for a great cause.

701 Craighead St, Berry Hill, TN 37204
in Nashville’s Historic 8th Avenue Melrose District

Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us for Cocktails for Cockatoos and to Mangia, our host. It was tons of fun and a great success. $2,200.00 was raised for EAST’s winter expenses. You can still make a donation to EAST in the “spirit” of our campaign!