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2023 East Calendar



Get your 2023 EAST Calendar featuring our beautiful parrots!

This is our third year to offer calendars of our irresistible feathered residents! Order yours now—and one for everyone on your gift list! These beautiful calendars are 11×8.5, in brilliant color, with plenty of space to jot down important reminders. This year’s calendar features 14 of our most photogenic parrots, although it was a hard choice to choose from literally every one of them, as they are all absolutely adorable!

CLICK to see a cool “flip book” preview of each month!

Printing Center USA has done a great job printing our calendars for three years now. Check them out!

EAST’s 2023 calendar features feathered residents Rico, Bogey, Mango & Tiki, Traf, Oona, Ralphie, Buttercup, Gypsy, Yarrow, Precious, Charlie, Sammie and Spencer

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