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Tiki – Male African Ringneck Parakeet

Sponsored by: Kara Martin

Tiki is a male African Ringneck less than 2 years old. The person that surrendered him purchased him from a breeder out of state with the promise of a hand tame bird. He was sent THROUGH THE MAIL to this person but what she got was a terrified bird that wanted nothing to do with humans. She said he was completely feral, and she had been bitten several times trying to chase him to get him back in his cage. She reached out to EAST for help. Tiki was integrated in with our other ring necks and conures and has done extremely well. No longer bound to a cage and freedom to pick and choose his bird friends, he is now a happy healthy little guy. He is an excellent flyer and enjoys spending time in the outdoor aviary. He wants nothing to do with humans, which is just fine by us!

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