Penny & Sparrow video shoot for their new album “Finch” (2019)

Andy & Kyle are the fantastic and talented Indie folk singer/songwriter duo Penny & Sparrow. They recently filmed their video for the single “Eloise” off their new album “Finch” at EAST. All but 60 seconds of the video was shot at the EAST building and around our beautiful property. It features our very own Annabelle, Rocko, and our little birds. It was a really fun day for our volunteers and our birds. Many parrots love music, and singing, and this gentle duo provided lovely and happy entertainment for our flock.

Andy Baxter and Kyle Jahnke formed Penny & Sparrow in 2011 while roommates at the University of Texas in Austin. Penny & Sparrow are following up their previous successes by touring all over the United States with “Finch,” their fifth, and newest, album. Hopefully, you caught them in Nashville at the Americana Music Fest this September.

In exchange for filming at EAST, they promote our mission and goals in the credits at the end of their video. Thank you Andy and Kyle! It was a pleasure having you at EAST. Our flock invites you to come back any time.

Check out their video HERE