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Who we are....

EAST is a small 501c3 non profit organization, dedicated to the safety and care of parrots and other exotic birds. The main goal of our organization is to help those parrots whose guardians are no longer able to care for them, and doing our best to find good homes through foster and adoption. 

Of course whenever possible, we would like to work with families and/or individuals through education, to try and keep parrot(s) and guardian(s) together. We understand there will be those circumstances where that is simply not possible, so we will provide a safe haven for those birds until good homes can be found.

We also understand there will be times when our help will be needed in situations where abused, neglected or otherwise unwanted parrots will also need our help. We will do our very best to help in those instances as well. 

We realize there will be a few cases when a bird may be deemed "unadoptable". In these rare cases we hope to work with other rescues or sanctuaries to find the best place for them to live out their lives. 

As we grow, and learn, I will update the website accordingly. I invite you to grow with us.