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Having good foster families is going to be an integral part of the success of EAST.  Right now EAST is a small home based rescue, so we may not be able to take in all the birds that need our help. Having Fosters set up ahead of time will ensure that we will be able to help as many parrots as possible. 

 We are always in search of nurturing and experienced people to provide foster care support on a regular basis as well - people we can count on to help a bird temporarily until a more permanent home can be found. 

 If you are at a time in your life when it is not possible to give a parrot a long-term home, fostering  may be a great option for you and the parrots who often quickly need our help.

 We are currently limited to adopting/fostering birds within a 2-hour radius of Nashville, TN (There may be exceptions under certain circumstances) 

If you are interested in fostering for us, please start by filling out the Foster/Adoption application located under the "Adoption Process" tab.  We will then schedule an interview to answer any questions you may have. A home visit is required on all fosters and adopters.