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 The Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee is saying goodbye to our home in the suburbs and moving to the countryside. 

Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee (EAST)
is a 501(c) (3) non-profit parrot welfare
organization in the state of Tennessee that
takes in parrots from owners who can no longer care for them due to a variety of circumstances.




I love these birds. I see how intelligent and companionable these amazing creatures are. But I also witness so many heart-breaking occasions when one of them needs rescue or when people find they must give up their beloved pet.

Our goals at the Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee (EAST) are to provide a safe haven and optimal care for parrots whose owners can no longer care for them, and to educate the public of the immense
responsibility required when considering adding a bird to their family.

I initially started EAST as solely a parrot rescue, to foster and help with adoption. We will continue those efforts, but due to the increasing demand for placement in this region, we are expanding to also accommodate those parrots who need a permanent home. Our fostered birds and lifelong residents alike are provided excellent veterinarian care, healthy foods, enrichment, and human and avian interaction, in as natural environment for them as possible. There is nothing that gives me greater joy than watching these birds blossom.

Now, we are spreading our wings—from our current suburban home to five acres of rolling park-like land full of shade trees and open fields with space for building the aviaries these birds need. But we need your help. And we’re inviting you to be part of our happy migration.

Warmest regards,

President and Executive Director
Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee

When people place their birds with us, they commit to contribute financially to help cover feeding and care. But these funds do not begin to offset the costs of providing a home that these birds may need for decades beyond. Nor do they provide the resources necessary to maintain (much less improve) the sanctuary itself. For that, we need your help.

A resource that gives back to the community

We’re not just building a great home for exotic birds. The sanctuary will be a resource for the community in a variety of ways:

  • Students visit on educational field trips or come work with our birds to earn community service credits at their schools
  • Veterinary students spend time with exotic birds
    as part of their training
  • Volunteers of all ages find it therapeutic to work with our birds
  • Horticultural students can implement organic
    gardening methods as part of class projects



Andy & Lilly


A Vision of Parrotdise

The new generation of the Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee is moving to a five acre site in Hermitage, Tennessee, just minutes from Nashville. With your support, we will add a number of enhancements to our current capabilities, including:

  • A 40x70 climate-controlled, multipurpose main building with space for acclimation and quarantine for new birds, restrooms for guests and volunteers, a kitchen, a staff office, sanitary food storage, and most importantly, indoor aviaries with access to outdoor aviaries for fresh air and sunshine.
  • Flight aviaries for our flocks of birds, including those with special needs.
  • Public structures such as a gazebo for visitors, and a pavilion for volunteers, staff and visitors to enjoy lunch, social and educational activities.
  • Fencing, signage, security monitoring, landscaping (including water features) and parking.
  • Greenhouse and gardens to grow vegetables and fruit so that our parrots can enjoy a sustainable source of organic food.


How you can help

To complete our sanctuary the costs are estimated at $500,000 including structures, property surveys and updated infrastructure. Everything from individual donations to corporate sponsorships to endowments will be funds well-invested in the quality of life of our birds and an investment in our community.

Financial Gifts
These donations would go to areas with the most immediate need.

Sponsorship-Level Giving
We would be happy to provide permanent recognition of significant financial gifts with the naming of particular structures, such as a flight aviary.

In Kind-Donations
If you’re in a position to contribute building materials (or your time and expertise), we’d love to talk with you.

Our Thanks
For donations of $1,000 and above, we will add your logo and url link to our website. For donations of $5,000 and above, additionally we will add your company name and logo to our sanctuary entry signage. For donations of $10,000 and above, in addition to the above, you or your company will be honored with an engraved plaque in the area you have sponsored or co-sponsored.

To Donate: Contributions are tax deductible. Please make your check payable to Exotic
Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee, and mail to:
EAST, Atten: Kim Hannah, 981 Old Lebanon
Dirt Rd., Hermitage, TN 37076 or contact
Kim at 615.598.5723 or email:
Donations may also be made directly through our website via paypal, or on our building fund page.

Thank You
from the feathered residents at EAST


Why exotic birds need a sanctuary

With millions of parrots produced by the pet trade each year, the population of captive birds continues to grow. This excessive breeding of parrots has become a heartbreaking tragedy. With life spans of up to 80 years, parrots have a built-in homeless factor which means almost every long-lived parrot will outlive its original guardian. None can be released to the wild because they do not have the skills to survive.

EAST was established for the purpose of helping as many of these parrots as possible. Here, these highly social animals, who thrive in each other’s presence, can find both a “forever” home and a community. Our one and only purpose is that of a safe haven for birds to live out their lives in a happy and healthy environment.

Our Mission

Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee’s goal is to provide a safe haven and optimal care for parrots whose owners can no longer care for them, until foster or adoption is found.

Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee, Inc.,
a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization (est. 2014) relies upon donations for its support.


Exotic Avian Sanctuary of Tennessee, Inc.
981 Old Lebanon Dirt Rd.
Hermitage, TN 37076